Derivation on Steroids!

I think it’s truly amazing how just a single root in the International language can be derived into so many possibilities… This shows just how rich simplicity can be.

patro = parent
patr-ino = mother
patr-ulo = father
ge-patri = mother and father
patr-al = parental
part-in-al = maternal
patr-ul-al = paternal
patr-eso = parenthood
patr-in-eso = motherhood
patr-ul-eso = fatherhood
patr-esk-ar = become a parent
patr-in-esk-ar = become a mother
patr-ul-esk-ar = become a father
sam-patra = consanguineous
sen-patra = parentless
sen-patr-ina = motherless
sen-patr-ula = fatherless
patr-atra = parentlike
patr-in-atra = motherlike
patr-ul-atra = fatherlike

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Gilles-Philippe Morin

Saluto! Me nomesas Gilles-Philippe. Me evas 19 yari. Me esas viro. Me habitas Kanada. Me studias medicino. Me parolas la Franca e la Angla. Me pleas piano. Pro quo vu duras lektar co? Bonvenez!